Hi! My Name is Noel

I'm Bipolar. I've lived with it for over 30 years, but by now I've learned to laugh at it! You should learn to laugh at it... because by God it'll make you cry, so take the laughs while you can.

UPDATE! John Murray kindly interviewed me for RTE 1 (National Radio in Ireland) - it was broadcast on Friday the 6th of March 2015. Thanks a million John!

I'd like to share with you my laughs - and trials and tribulations - in the hopes that some of it will click with you and maybe help you too? Over the years I've been writing and singing about my experiences and this site contains the results. Have a look - whether it helps or not, at least you'll get a laugh out of it.

Now, that video is just one of the many different brushstrokes I use while writing - my two albums show the full range, from Trad Jazz to Rock&Roll to Country and swing, manic, dark, whimsical and bawdy!

On the more serious side I've lived with Bipolar for many years and the video below shows a song about the constant struggle with it.


They're both available to download on itunes, spotify, bandcamp and others:

If you like them, please let others know - but more importantly let me know at info@stabtherasher.com.


I have stories and poems also on this site - see the sidebar - and if you want to see the more manic side have a look at the video above.


Thanks a million for dropping by.  I hope you had a laugh!



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